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Can VW admin explain why... (a mini wish list)

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The default operation for the 2d mirror tool is to delete the original. Seems the wrong way round. Surely most users want to keep the original.

The duplicate along path tool uses a first offset value which cannot be set (it is greyed out) It can only be set in duplicate along path object tool.

Are these design errors or is that I cannot see the logic?

(VW11.5 user) confused.gif

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Defaults are always a little wierd. I find that for mirroring I switch back and forth from keeping the original to deleting it fairly frequently. But that is me.

Something I have found useful is to change my workspace so that the ` key switches the preference on the mode bar (instead of the default U). This makes it fairly quick for me to move between options.

I believe that there is also a way to change the defaults for this sort of thing, but that is still beyond me.

Generally, VW is odd compared to other CAD programs I have used in that you really have to alter the workspace to suit yourself. I resisted this for a while but now that I have totally customized my workspace I find I can work much faster.

My two cents.

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