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Textures on Floors And Roofs


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I don't understand why, when I create a floor or roof in a given (active) class that has a set texture and use at creation checked, I have to go to the render menu in the object info every time to set the class texture from the default 'none" setting. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? (if it's thought this way shouldn't it be a default feature since it been specified in the class settings from the start?)

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I also forgot to mention that the class texture setting goes to the bottom of the textures list out ... this is also a pain when you have scroll down to find it (if you work with a lot of different textures)...

Nemetschek, please review this!....

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When you make the roof object check to make sure that you attributes are all set to class attributes...otherwise they will default to whatever the attribute pallate has as its default at the time of object creation. I have noticed that at times the attribute pallette collects its own defaults and I must change them back to my setting.

I think this is why the roof and floor objects will not take a texture from the class settings after the object creation. Check me on this....

Pete A.

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