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A few problems with 3d

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I have a two storey house drawn up in 3d consisting of 3 layers. My first problem is that there is a gap between my ground and first floor which i cant get rid of even by changing the z heights of the layers. my second problem is that i want to create an animatiion of the whole building but in editing mode (not sheetlayer) i cant move around the whole building in 3d at the same time. its only moveing one layer at a time. do i have to copy the floor plans all onto the same layer and adjust the hieghts myself using the move tool? surley if this was the case it would mess up the view ports on the sheet layer?

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have you checked the delta Z heights of your walls? Did you change the Z height of the layers after you drew the walls? I believe that once walls are drawn within the parameters of the layer Z heights they remain that height, I don't think they are associative and therefore need to be manually updated.

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William, if you are not using a model layer with Layer Links to each of your design layers, as Petri suggests, your layer z value will have no apparent effect, plus you will be unable to move your view of all layers at once (unless you have "Stack Layers" enabled - something many of us tend not to use). Assembling the building in a model layer seems to be the best way to go. Then you can create your movie and your layer z values will have effect. Bear in mind that if you have been viewing things in multiple layers using "align layer views," you will most likely have to adjust all your layer z's when you assemble the model.

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