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individual class attributes viewports

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When using viewports on a sheet and using the object info to determine which layer is on or off and the same with classes, is there anyway to change the class attributes for that particular viewport? I.e, on one sheet, maybe I want to show a General plan and a RFC. On the generl plan, my ceiling outline is shown dashed indicating ceiling bulkhead over, but on the RFC it is solid. No problems when sheets are seperate, but when combined unless I have two sets of identical geometry assigned to different classes I can't see how it can be done.

Is this possible?

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We draw our plans as 'master' files, first the exist prop, prop plan, RFC etc as seperate files. We then reference these master files to form our architectural sheet. I.e. AR100 dwg no is our proposed plan sheet which will have the exist plan, proposed plan and RFC referenced into it. The geometry showing the ceiling bulkhead will have a class attribute of a dashed line, snd when it is refernced into the RFC sheet, we change the class attribute to make it solid.

When we have seperate sheets for prop plan and RFC then this method is fine, but if we create a sheet that has both the prop plan and the prop RFC (seperate viewports side by side), then within that file the class attribute has to be one way of the other, I can't have both.

Of course if I can put both a plan and RFC on one sheet then it is a very small job and therefore fiddling with geometry shouldn't be a problem. I have only used this as an example but there are many other instances where I wish I could have unique class attributes for that particular viewport.

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I have no idea what RFC is, but who cares.

Class attributes can be "by viewport". Not sure if that is what you are after, though. If there is a "combined viewport", class attributes are what they are, not "by layer" then.

Furthermore, there is no "intelligence" or "inference engine" to determine how something should be shown if such-and-such.

I probably misunderstand this all...

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Sorry, RFC is reflected ceiling plan.

I don't think I have explained myself very well, I want to be able to manipulate the same geometry in different viewports, i.e. one viewport, the line is dashed red, in another, the same line is solid black. How do I do this?

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Classes can be set for each viewport, that override the orginal class setting. You can have two viewports side by side on a sheet showing the same geometry but with different lineweights, colours and styles.

You do this by selecting your viewport - in the OIP select classes, when the classes dialog opens there is and option to edit the class settings. This only affects how objects appear in that viewport. Note this only works if your objects are set to use class colour, fill, linetype etc.

I've used this for creating Reflected ceiling plans, where I want to show the door swings as solid lines in my floor plans and as hidding lines in the RCP.

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The technology is called "Class Overrides" and if you search for this in the help, you'll find a description of how to use this.

Tom hits the nail on the head with a good set of steps.

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This is one feature that's really improved the draughting in our office because we now draw on Design Layers in full colour (according to Class) and then, depending on whether we need some colour or no colour on our prints we either choose Document Preferences Black and White only, or we edit the Viewport accordingly.

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Thanks for sharing Christiaan. We have been embracing the sheet idea as fast as we can but this idea hasn't struck anyone here yet. I can see how this could make our lives much easier. Particularly given that we do a lot of of early programing with dumb colored blocks.

Do you manage this through templates?

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