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8.5.1 Pop-out work sporadicaly

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No. It is small explanation box or info box usualy light yellow, and text inside explain what that buton is for. It will pop-out when you point cursor on it, without executing any comand, and will desapear in 3-6 secondsIf you did not have 8.0 or 8.5 you will hardly reckognize the problem. I talked with Phone Support people and they acknoweledged the mistake.

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It is not a problem. It is a small confusig bug, that is very dangerous for the people who DOES NOT KNOW it could be better, that inform you about what is "hiding" behind the buton. I learned hard vay in many CAD programs by making test files and presing anything I could watching what would hapen.

I agree with you for the Trim comand, in the cheep DraFixPro I started 10 years ago this would trim anything in the vay of the triming entity.

God luck.

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Okay, let us see if I can ease the confusion. The "pop-up" that Ves is talking about, I believe, is the Windows equivelent of Balloon help on the Mac. If you pause over a tool for a few seconds, a "pops up" to tell you what the name of that button is.

Yes, there is a bug with 8.5.1 that has been reported. Some of the "pop ups" do not work, others do, and some partially. We hope to have this worked out soon, but until that time your manual has a description of what each tool is and does, as well as when you select it the menu bar tells you what it is.

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