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workgroup referencing (WGR) fumble


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Has WGR changed recently? I have not used it in a while, but as of VA 11 I could reference a floor plan of an apartment unit into a master plan, unlock it, reposition, make multiple copies, re-lock and all would remain in the master file. In 12.5 when I close and re-open (update) the unit floor plan reverts to how it first appeared before manipulation. Am I hallucinating? Can you make the referenced plan a symbol in the master file to get it to appear as above (repositioned, repeated, etc.)? The help manual have become so obtuse, its impossible to figure out.

Any ideas?

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Or, instead of moving the referenced layer around, layer-link to it and move the link around. As Tom points out, the Ignore Source Origin is a brand new feature that helps overcome the relocate "hallucinations" we all suffered from before. But, you'd still have to create links if you want more than one.

Good luck,

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The help manual have become so obtuse, its impossible to figure out.

Not really .. WGR >Link > Edit>Remove (break the link) > Keep in current document

And then: Link Layer. (For the multiple, repositionable, rotatable copies.)

Actually, this Layer Linking works even without breaking the WGR...

I believe it's always been the same.

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Thanks everyone for the ideas. Its been so long since I used WGR that part of my brain had rusted. I'll layer link for multiple copies and turn on the ignore source origin, although it seemed that I tried that and it still resorted to the source file origin. More messing around with it is in order.

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Could someone help with understanding "ignore source user origin"?

As I see it, one can set up a work group reference. By checking ignore source user origin the link is not updated. The same result can be achieved by deleting the reference but keeping the contents of it in the drawing.


The difference is that the ignore source option is reversible? How is this different from manual update?

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Ignore source origin refers to the location of geometry within drawing. WGR a layer, then unlock it and move or rotate. If ignore source origin is checked the next time the drawing is updated the WGR layer objects will remain where you put them. If ignore source origin is not checked the WGR layer objects will move back to the orginal coordinates from the source drawing.

A least that is my understanding of how this works.

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