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quantity sched from feild values in records

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have created a furniture tag linked to the loose furniture record (only 3 values at the moment)

Type ? Chair or table

ID- no

Option ? i.e. Same chair different upholstery etc

I intend to use this tag for a few different reasons, the initial to identify loose furniture and then count them

Up until this stage, it works, but as soon as I go to create a quantity schedule, that?s when the problems start.

Rather than narrowing the search with this string


It expands the search

Is there anyway of using the select criteria to narrow the search?

I would be most grateful if you could answer my question.

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It seems you are not using the "Report" approach. You can generate a report either on all furniture or narrow the criteria.

The report can be sorted and summarized by one or more fields. Counting is easiest if you add the formula "=1" to the last column.

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