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Im new to 3d and have a few questions


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Im very new to 3d and need help with a few things

i go to file / document settings / model set up to start my new model, once i've finished drawing all my wall floors and roof i create a view port. where i am getting the problem is on the isometric views. there is a gap where the floor slab should be which makes it look like the first floor is floating on nothing. i have tryed drawing a polygon over the entire area of the building and extruding it to fill the gap but it dosent show on the final veiwport. am i doing this wrong? what should i be doing?

I also want to create simple floor plans showing the positions of the doors and windows but i find wireframe shows to many lines that shouldent be there but if i render it you cannot see the positions of the windows or door swings. how to i get round this problem?

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its simple. you did not include the thickness of the floor whan you set up the layer heights. go the the lower floor level and add the thickness to you settings. then go to that layer, select the walls, and increase their height. when you go to you model veiwport that gap will be gone.

the floor plans should not be in model view, thats why you are seeing all those extraneous lines. remember, VW is a graphics program and all those lines/patterns are there to enhance your plans. hope this helps...

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Whew, what a lot to do!

Couple of things:

Like Jim mentioned, make sure you have a layer for the floor slab, with an accurate thickness. Draw the floor slab on that layer and make a floor of that thickness. That should fill the gaps. If you draw the slab to the outer edges, it will show on the model and will not have the wall texture (deal with that later). If you give the walls a floor-to-floor height and draw the slab within the walls, you will get seamless walls and it will not show except in sections.

If your plan has too many lines, you may have too many classes and/or layers on. It should show up clearly in wireframe. Make sure you have on only those layers you need, such as theat floor layer only, and classes like walls-exterior and interior, doors-main, windows main, sills (gives you the door swings and window details) and so forth. Experiment tuning them on and off to see the effects. Make sure you draw the objects on the appropriate layers, or set it to automatic. Use AEC/Floor insetead of extrude, since and extrude is empty unless you give it a texture, so it may be invisible in 3d (or has outlines only).

Wire frame in 3d does have too many lines since it is a wireframe, not a solid. Use hidden line or open GL to see better.

Good luck and keep trying. Read the manual and do some of the excersises for drawing set up.

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setting up your model is a great start, but you might need more understanding of what layers are and how the settings for Z and Delta Z affect you model. Z is the height to the underside of the layer, Delta Z is the thickness of the layer. Ideally the layers should sit on top of each other so that you don?t get any gaps in the model.

Go to the menu bar and choose tools > Organization

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