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tracking down referenced symbols

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Is there anyway to figure out from where a symbol is referenced?

We have some really old project with no institutional memory anymore. Some symbols are resetting themselves. The quick fix is to break the reference.

But it seems that one should be able to use the resource browser to figure out where the symbol lives.

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No new template.

The symbols are resetting to the old version--referenced in from some unknown file. Thus the desire to track it down.

I can think of other times that this would be useful.

(Actually it seems quite weird to me that there VW is set up to have blind references.)

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Yes they are in the reference browser. As I mentioned in my first post the quick fix is to break the reference.

The problem is that there does not seem to be a way to ascertain from where a symbol has been referenced.

This seems to be a basic piece of information. Being able to reference a symbol is a great thing. Not knowing where it is coming from makes the referencing a much less useful tool.

It would be lovely to hear from Nemetschek on this--I sort of can't believe that no one else is interested in having traceable references.

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we have this problem too. Our solution (probably very basic) is to create our standard symbol files (blank apart from the symbols) and reference them into our 'master' files. Once they are in we use them as normal, but if we need to change, we know where to find them. Therefore for each project, we don't have hundreds of independent symbols (we document in seperate master files and then combine to create our architectural sheets which are then annotated).

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