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Batch export PDF



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Safari, Mail, and Preview....

These were all on the other computer.

But I had closed all the open applications as a test and it didn't help.

I have also just tried batch printing and in the print dialog choosing Save as PDF but that crashes VW as well.

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Crashing will result in an error message. Hanging is when the application has not ended.

Is it hanging or crashing? If it's crashing, what is the error message you receive?

Send the file over with the details of the sheets you are trying to batch export and I'll take a look at it.

Please include a note describing the problem and version of VW.

Save as PDF is an OS function, external to VW. If that is crashing with an error message, then there's a bigger problem in place. It could be that the active printer in the Print dialog when choosing to save as PDF has a corrupt installation or needs updating.

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It was crashing. I was getting a message that said something like "The application has unexpectedly quit. No other applications have been affected." And it gave me options to report it to Apple, reopen the application or close the window.

I'd like to give you the exact text or a screenshot, but guess what??? Today, I cannot get it to quit! I am doing the exact same procedures to batch export a PDF and it exports fine with any amount of pages.

I don't get it.

I made some changes to the file last night which included deleting some viewports I was working on. Perhaps there was a problem with one of the viewports that was causing it to go haywire.

If the problem crops up again, I will forward the file for your review.

Thanks for your replies.

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