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Renderworks clipping opjects, section like cut


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Attached are 2 photos.

When rendering the views in FQRW, objects get clipped, between the viewer and a magical 'clipping plane'. It will not do this under open GL. pay attention to the trellis object and table.


The building model is workgroup referenced and layer linked into the site model.

Under the real building model, no clipping exists.

It does not matter if the view is from a Renderworks camera, or the set 3D view option. The only thing that changes if it is clipped or not is the render mode. Fast Quality. RW clips also.

Is there a 'clipping plane' option that I am missing?


Running Mac ox 10.4.4, VW 12.5.1,



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I will send you the file, they are big, so I will zip them, and hope I can get it out to you.

UPPDATE, It would seem that stack layers affects the clipping. I say that because when I open the file (stacked layers off by default) it rendered OK, then turned Stack layers on, then it clipped. Turned it off, then OK...

Also, (I will post this elsewhere also) but when we went to workgroup reference it into the site file, there was the option to make layer links automatically. GREAT. Well that caused huge problems, as it made no less than 11 layer links, from just a few layers (4 layers). This caused rendering problems.

I duplicated this with 2 brand new files and it appears that new locked layer links come in upon a work group reference while the file is open in the background. There is something very buggy with the auto layer links and maybe layer links in general. I did not notice this prior to 12.5.1 update.

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I agree. I've had little glitches and accidentals forever. This clipping seemed to start occuring when I moved from complete raytracing of shadows over to the (IMHO) faster and nicer shadow mapping. Is this a result of processing or memory lags? I'm dedicating as much as my system has to the render process, so I don't know how to fix the problem on my side.

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So I narrowed my problems above to a class, TOPO-x-sidewalk in the model, that was causing me problems.

I deleted everything off that class, and still the clipping...I turned that class off and YAAAA, it worked great. In looking at the objects in that class, it consisted of lines, polylines, polygons, and arcs. There was no 3d info.

It was odd, and I cannot figure out why that was the problem, but I need to start getting my billable time back up.



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