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chain dimension VW 12.5.1

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Chain dimensions are new in VW 12.5 and i like them.

BUT, and that is off course the reason i write here, i experience some wierd artifacts.

Sometimes i can not move any of the chani dimension objects, and when i succeed (grab this chain dim by the corner) the disappear (i only see the selections handles)

sometimes when i want to ungroup them , so the be a normal dimension object, they are converted to lines and text.... (i do get the message: ungroup high level objects)

anyone an idea what the issue is here??

VW 12.5.1 fundemantals, on a Mac G5


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When the lines disappear, once the dimension is resized, do the dimension reappear - or are you suggesting they say gone?

The problem with selecting the dimension -

Make sure you are selecting them by click on one of the lines.

If you are doing that - evaluate class and layer options and the active layer to see if the necessary criteria is being met for selecting across classes/layers.

Try using force select

Rather than using ungroup, use the Decompose command. That will break the chain into individual dimension objects rather than a network of lines.

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Most of the time this happens is when the chain dims are copied (and or rotated) from one file to another (same scale layer). One can select the chain dim normally, but not moving as if the grid snap is on with a very large gridsize...they just will not move. And if one succeed to move the chain dim, the lines and text disappear, but selecion handles stay visible. So we hit undo couple of times, and tried to convert chain dims to normal dims. (also use option in mode bar)

Checked class and layer status, also zooming and panning....

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