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Importing dwg File HELL



Up until recently I've been able to import the dwg files no problem - now however I keep getting opendwg Library 8 error. I've read that maybe there is a prob with the version of autocad - but haven't been able to track down a solution anywhere. Is there one? I need these files as they save me so much time - they are house plans. Please help!!!!!

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VectorWorks 12 supports AutoCAD 2006 and earlier. If the file is AutoCAD 2007, you will end up with the Library error number 8.

The AutoCAD user will need to save the file as an AutoCAD 2006 file and then you can import the file.

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I'll put it on the list

I am currently working with another in the office to develop a vLearning series of courses outlining the import/export process of working with dxf/dwg files specifically. (I'm working on other formats, too)

If you have any other suggestions of information to add (albeit we have a good bit of info, including the above posted), please feel free to send it over my way.


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So much for my famous sarcasm...

Well, actually, I was serious, too. We can't expect that the humble CAD-operator knows anything. He/she just does not - or at least is not even remotely interested.

About fonts: AutoCAD-operators (including "CAD Managers") do not understand that the stroke fonts of AutoCAD can't be used in other programs. As an example: a surveyor's CAD Guru had proudly developed a font for various items, including grid crosses. For the life of him, he could not understand that I only saw letters "L", in approximate locations. "I can send you the font!"

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I've run into that several times over myself, too.

One day, everything will be just peachy and we will all live, breathe, exist, and convert in total peace. The ultimate Utopian society.

Until then, we must educate!

I call it job security. =)

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