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I keep getting an error message Could not compute roof, house drawing too complex to compute roof. All I'm trying to do on the roof is change part of the roof to a gable end with a 100mm overhang. I can have one or the other it won't allow both options.

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What qualifies a shape as too complicated? From day one I?ve been getting the same message as Stacy. Here?s a comparatively simple foundation outline that I attempted to convert by using the ?create roof?. (I can get the tool to work on simple geometrics.)

After I select the polygon, fill in all the appropriate boxes, click, and get the evil message, I notice that a polygon is duplicated over my original. (no ridges, valleys, or overhangs) What?s up?


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Each one of these (failures to compute) is somewhat unique. In your case I would guess that the rectangular inset along the bottom (just left of the 3 sided bay) is what's throwing the program for a loop. Often you can solve these issues by simplifying the original shape, then adding bits and pieces back on (either using the edit group command or, my usual choice, ungroup the roof into roof faces, then add faces as needed). Another thought/question: why is that inset "closed"? By doing this you have created a poly within a poly. Try removing the horizontal line that runs from the bay to the left and see what happens. Additionally, if you double click on the original poly you can check to see that each side has only 3 vertices (two corners & a mid-point). If there are extras these should be deleted (with the little "-" sign in the reshape tool) before running the command. HTH's

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Peter's right on the money. I pasted the image into a file and traced over the outline. Once you delete the indent the roof works.

Having a quick look at it I think the reason it doesn't work as you have drawn it is because it actually can't work in real life (I might be wrong, but I don't think so). There is too much going on on the bottom side and the the valleys from the indent can't reconcile with the remainder of the geometry. You may need to think about the roof form again.

AmyL if that is a simple roof I would hate to see one of your complex ones.

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Thanks guys?. I tried this once again with the original offender. (the inset was not originally selected, btw.) There *were* extraneous vertices that were eliminated. The new problem with this example is crashing after ?create roof? command on two computers, one with VW 12 and one with VW 12.5.1. So, thinking corruption I tried a new file with a whole different foundation and got results. (goofy roofline, but at least it worked.) The quality of the original polygon seems to matter. As far as complexity, shouldn?t any shape be ?roofable? (and then adjusted as needed)?

The original example was just a portion of a ?real life? foundation. The garage was deleted out prior to this test, but the roof has been engineered and is under construction?.and this is a simple one. In real life the plate heights are all different, but being able to have a starting point from which to adjust things would be nice.

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you can use a plug-in object to place a dormer, but you have to make it into a symbol first.

Place one of your Resource Browser objects on the drawing, away from the roof.

use the Object Info Palette to edit it to suit your situation.

Then make it into a symbol, from the menu bar choose

Modify > Create Symbol...

now that it is a symbol, find it in your Resource Browser and place it on the roof.

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thanks jonathan, sorry to be somewhat ignorant but now i can add the symbol to the roof however i still cannot get to the roof properities dialog with the dormers. I have already added roofing members, i don't seem to be able to select the roof only the framing members...any advice?

many thanks,

Dave Taylor

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Hi Dave

Nice to see you here. How is the TC connection still - and your connection with Robert Berry ? And best of all the good luck to you and Jack new company. VW is great.

Conrad Brink

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Hi Conrad good to see you here and thanks! Things have been really busy but well for Jack and I. Rob remains loyal to TCAD and we stay in constant contact. Jack and I are not using TC at all and are loving Vectorworks as we continue to go thru the learning curve, really getting the hang of it now. Jack is focused on the drawing services and I am more on sales and training for Envisioneer and just starting to train and sell VectorWorks. We would like to do some training vidoes soon...so stay tuned.

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