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VW will create a section of all the 3D components you have in your model. I usually end up adding some details to the Section Viewport because it's much faster than modelling every single element. You'll gradually learn which elements need to be addressed at which level of the drawing. . .model or viewport.

Good luck,

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The wall components are not drawn in section cuts. One reason is the elevation detail graphic of a wall component often differs from the related plan graphic.

Once you've got the section viewport, you can add the details by editing the Viewport (annotations) and add the details to the section of the wall.

You can use rectangles to draw anything requiring a hatch, pattern, or plan fill, and the detailing suite of tools for adding repetitive details such as siding or something. There's also a batt insulation tool to quickly draw the insulation and the Detail Cut Wood allows you to place appropriate sized wood blocks.

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