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I am trying to export my drawing sheets to pdf's for plotting and one sheet out of 25 will not export to a pdf.

The error comes up that it "cannot extract the embedded font 'technicalplain'."

I try to searh for the font and I cannot find it to remove it.

Can anyone help with this problem?

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I'm fairly certain "tot" is simply a typo; should have been "to".

You'll find a number of threads dealing with .pdf issues in the Printing/Plotting area of this board. Regretfully, because we're Mac-base, I'm not as much use to you as I might be. Unless you're printing to an Acrobat "printer", I don't believe VW uses Acrobat directly in the export process.

The font issue itself (which seems to be the root of your problem) can probably be resolved by removing the offending font from your System. Again, since I'm unfamiliar with PCs, I don't know the name of the/a utility to use.

Perhaps someone else can weigh in here, but I'd encourage you to do a search on this board for font conflicts and for additional pdf information.

Good luck,

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the technical font is probably "locked" especially if it is one by Corel

in acrobat after creating the pdf

select the T (touch up text tool)and select a text block that has technical then right click and select attributes

in the dialog box you then check "embed".

this needs to be repeat only once if you create a book

but needs repeated with new files

this is a site for a non-Corel technical font



you can try Font mapping in VW

and delete any references to technical or mapping to technical.

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what is tot?

My VW automatically uses the acrobat when exporting a PDF from VW. Is there a setting to keep this from happening?

To instead of tot blush.gif

Do you use Export to PDF in the file menu, or print to PFD, with destiller?

Opens Acrobat 6 the files? when you download acrobat reader 7 or 8, I think that, there are no further problems with your text.

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