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Navigation palette in ALL VW apps



Isn't it wierd that VW fundamentals, which we use extensively, does NOT have the Navigation Palette included. Such an important tool, when drawings become complex, it is nearly an unevitable way to manage your drawing.

Besides we do not use Architect series, due to the fact we have other standards envolving, it is a matter of just a good workflow increasing feature, needed by ALL VW users...

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I wish Fundamentals would be like Architect, but without Plug-ins. That would be a fair Fundamentals.

Plug-ins are an enormous additional value, it is only fair to pay for them.

Consider: what facilities are built in for Restaurators? None. Even if 80% of the building activities in Europe deals with old building (while these activities still do not make the architects involved "restaurators"). USA might be different.

We have to twist the application in order to achieve some efficiency in restoration. The pios in Architect do not help us, we do not use them. And still VW is the best app for such specialized branch, because of its elasticity. So Fundamentals was for us the better choice, until it became so poor.

As it is now, Fundamentals is a light version with much disabled.

If ever NNA considers developing a Restorator Module, please accept my immediate application for a job.

vsd (architect, specialized in conservative restoration, reduced to renovation....)

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