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International versions?

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Oh, I forogt to say a few things:

I agree with Petri, try to work things out with a local reseller first. They can help you with typical local things. Not necesarily buy a translated version, although they have a lot of true localized stuff, most people hardly use that, instead they build their own libraries. You can always trade-up to a localized version later.

Some larger offices prefer to deal directly with the distributor, this is a mistake, most times you are better of with a local reseller.

As for buying from the US: you will, in the end, forget about the initial price and local support is great to have.


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I am buying the dongled international version since years in Berlin. My reseller is extremely friendly and never treated me any differently because I dislike the German version. Even if he probably earns less on my licences.

(I am not German, even if living in Germany).

So, I'd say, it depends very much on the reseller.

I had difficulties with the German distributor, though: when MiniCad became VectorWorks I was told I couldn't upgrade my licences because they where illegal, since not registered in Germany. I had registered at that time for years in USA. We had a quarrel and I -to this day- refuse to register in Germany (but I suspect that my reseller did it for me... just wish me to feel I'm keeping my pride high...).


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I wanted to buy English version / US version too for many reasons.

Money is of course one of them, the lack of VW forum like this one in Japanese language is another.

I cannot ask questions here without figuring out what "hariawase" command is called in English!

The difference between JP and US version is a big bonus of being able to name your layers in Japanese

(but if you do, you will be in a trouble when converting them to other formats)!.

So I called the largest VW distributor in Japan.

"Can I get an English version from you?"

"Of course, why not!"

"I want a copy of VW Architect"

"Sure. Essential will be US$1300, DX is US$2200."

"VW Architect?"

"No, we are not allowed to sell that."

"I need some functions of VW Architect"

"Get DX then. Oh by the way, we won't support English version..."

"No support?"

"Absolutely. NO Support from us. You have to call Nemetschek North America for support."


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takesh h-

That doesn't sound correct. I'll look into it. Meanwhile, can you please email me your contact info so I can communicate the issue clearly?

Thank you.

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takesh h-

Using an english Version of VW 2008 is it possible to read Japanese characters from a japanese VW 12 file?

(I understood thath the layers' name should be written in english)

If it is possible, how should I do, because I'm not able... :(



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