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QTVR white space

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I can't seem to control the relative size of my model with respect to the overall window size when exporting a QuickTime VR object movie. No matter what I select or what page size I designate, I get a relatively small model with a lot of white space. As a result even if I zoom whilst in the QT player, the model is fairly low-res, but the QTVR movie is still pretty large. I'm paying a lot of file size overhead just for white pixels.

Any ideas how I can control this?

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You need to create an invisible 3d polygon ( a circle with radius within the model iso-dimensions works best ) and make sure that it is selected.

Create VMRL-Poly & VRML-Lites Layers...then Layer Link them with the VRML-Poly layer linked last and therefore shown as selected ...

the radius of the 3dPoly controls the dimensional extent of the VRML export and therefore the final resolution based on 72dpi.

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The logic of the Layer Link is basically a protocol:

Do not corrupt a model with extraneous elements which are not part of the model Layer space.

And set-up project parts to be re-useable whenever possible.


Also, the over all size of the VRML depends on the size of the display window.

So shrink the display to a reasonable size and re-center the image in the window.

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I understand the logic of layer links in general; was wondering whether layers of the specific names you provided and layer links were required in this particular application.

I also tried the 3D poly and it seems to have made no difference. It may be that my model elevation (about 450' above z=0) may be contributing to the problem.

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Thanks for the effort! I do feel a little dizzy spinning around in that cube. Can yo let me out now?

The extruded circle you use does in effect define the boundaries of the model, but that cuts both ways. In the sample file you included, removing the 3d circle enlarges the model.

I thought my particular problem might have been in having objects (both 2D and 3D) in invisible classes, but even after removing everything the model still renders with heaps of white space. Dave, if you are monitoring this, may I send you the file?

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Ah I think I go it. By making the 3d circle somewhat SMALLER than the model, and selecting the 3d circle ONLY (two important details), I've managed to export a view of the model with little white space. My guess is that as with static exports, VW adds white space automatically.

Thanks Islandmon for leading me to this. Dave, may I request better documentation on this procedure in future manuals? Shall I cross-post to Wish List?

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