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Daylight Savings Time issues

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In the Virgin Islands there's no Daylight Savings Time ...

the problem is that the office needs to open at 8am to take calls from the east coast and

then needs to stay open until 9pm for calls from the west coast.... the calls from London start at 3am !

That makes for a very long day ...

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Your response puts me in mind of a scene in the movie Notting Hill . Julia Roberts' character tries to join in on the "oh, woa is me" contest around the dinner table. The others listen politely but then refuse to accept her complaints considering how she's beautiful as a goddess and nearly as wealthy.

Sorry, mon. . .we landlubbers here in the gradually thawing northern climes are simply not buying. BTW, my wife finally talked me into taking a cruise this last January. We made it to Tortolla and I realized I didn't even have my palm pilot with me to give you a ring!!

Maybe next time.

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Very cool. Our very first trip to the VI, we rented a house right out at the eastern point. We also sailed to the BVI and back. Since then we have returned 7 times to bareboat charter in the BVI. In fact we'll be there in June for 2 weeks. IslandMon, you ARE lucky to live there, but like my best friend from Hawaii always says: "It's nice, but I have to work all the time and hardly ever get to enjoy it..."

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