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Vectorworks Viewer?

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Following some advice, I've got the VW viewer to see how it works as I need to ask a client to install it.

I have a drawing that uses hidden line viewports. Obviously when you first open a VW file in the viewer, as in VW, the viewports display as wireframe.

How do you update the viewports to display 'hidden line'?

All the view meus is greyed out, surely there's a way to render them differently?


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Click on the update button in the Object Information Palette - exactly the same as you can do in VW, and I would say that this would generally be a quicker method of updating viewports in VW rather than accessing the view menu.

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What about section viewports? On my system, the update icon is greyed out when I select a section viewport.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for that.

And to the greater VW community. Maybe you can answer this Katie.

It appears there is a problem with VW Viewer with section viewports. I have tried both with saving and without saving viewport cache, and still they do not render. Previously I have run Viewer 12 and was able to run this at the same time as VW 12.5.3, but not now with Viewer 12.5. This would help no end being able to do this. My quad core PC can render viewports or send files to print in the background in the viewer, whilst working away in VW.

In Viewer 12.5, if I double click on a VW file, if it is open, VW won't open, even though it is set to the default program. And if I have VW open, I am not able to start Viewer 12.5.

Should I be able to do this? Does Nemetschek have a policy on this? It would be a great time saver in this multiprocessor world. Especially as VW 12.5 only uses one processor for everything except Renderworks rendering. As I said before, I could have the Viewer working away on another processor. Especially time consuming tasks like sending files to print and viewport hidden line rendering.

Thankyou in advance.

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