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reshape precision?

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Normally when using the reshape lasso on multiple objects, i can move the vertices using the move command.

Then i noticed that when i have drawn a lasso to select some vertices, and i hover over a vertice (within the boundary of the lasso) i get smart cursor hints (like "point") Then i can move the lasso by clicking on this vertice and drag it to, say a line, waiting for a smart hint like "surface". It looks like this vertice is now on the surface of that line.

Is this a good and precise way to draw???? Does the smart cursor cues work in the case of the reshape lasso, cause i do not see the cursor change, only hints appear.


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Is this a good and precise way to draw????

This is a rhetorical question.

If you 'draw' then visual feedback is usually adequate and is dependent on your 'Zoom' scale.

If you program the coordinates, then they are dependent on the Units resolution you set for the entire project > "garbage in = garbage out".

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