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creating decent looking wood paneling


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The easiest way to create realistic wood textures is not to create them but to get image based ones already made.

If you want it to look "real" then forget the Procedural based textures.

Some of the RW supplied image based wood textures can be used as long as you don't want close-ups.

This site sells high quality, high res textures, but also offers lower res versions for free.

Unfortunately the wood is almost all "flooring" rather than panneling.


You should also be modeling and texture mapping the texture of each individual element of the piece of joinery as separate pieces for the best effect.


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This is what I am currently realizing and coming to terms with. More work but from the bit of experimenting I am doing it is the only way to go. It does make a huge difference to work the mapping, rotation, scale etc on each element to achieve something natural looking.

thanks for the feedback

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what are you using for book objects? Are you creating them or do you have a good source for downloading? I downloaded a plug-in from Vectordepot for filling bookshelves but cannot get it to work (plugin won't load)

thanks for the image. The wood looks very convincing.


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Five point light at 20% brightness in the ceiling fixtures, six line lights at 40% brightness behind the bookcase pilasters, one line light at 8% brightness in the desk light. Ambient light at 12% brightness. I was pretty clueless setting this up and it took much trial and error to get the lighting to where it is. I'm still not completely happy with the lighting, sometime I'll play around with it some more.

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