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Large height door design

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I have few issues with VW 12.5 :

-maybe the method I use to design my model is responsible for these troubles, don't hesitate to let me know if that is the case.

1-How to design a large height window/door when it takes over the second storey wall and slab for a hall or an atrium.

What I have so far is here :


I did an opening in the ceiling and in the wall, (because the window doesn't insert automatically in the first floor wall)..but remains the textured faces of the openings, how can I get rid of them....

same thing here for an entrance door opening on a wall, here :


Are you guys extruding your wall all the height of the building so there's no hassle ? I just wanted to build my model as close to the reality as possible....like first floor wall sitting on the ceiling.

2-Now other issue, how do I set the the muntins distance for my door transom, is it the setting is just the style thing and that's it ?


I would like to set the transom in three panes with some mullions in the alignement of the door jambs. how ? There are plenty of these doors around here....

Thanks very much.

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consider how it will actually be built. you could do it with 2 seperate symbols- one for 1st floor and one for 2nd. simply allign the upper one over the lower one.

or you can trim the lower wall, make it tall enough for the window, and insert you tall window into that wall. the upper floor wall will need a higher Z value to clear the 'head'.

in either case either ditch the floor in model view, or notch it away from the window, just like it would be built...

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That's not a knife! THIS is a knife. The largest door I've designed was 15 metres high and 100 metres wide.

Well, that was a one-storey building (an predated any CAD) so Olly's problem would not have presented itself.

Jim's advice is, as usual, solid. For practical purposes, the vertical parts do not need to fit within their respective walls.

The alternative is to have a tall wall on the lower level, a zero height one on the upper level. The latter would have a 2D-only window symbol.

EDIT Yes - just as Jim described...

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You could use the 3D reshape tool to "box around" the lower wall and to create a "notch" in the upper wall that matches the box. Then you'd have to decide if you wanted a 2D-only symbol in the upper wall that represented the upper level cut of the transom.

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Thanks for your answer guys,

I understand that the lower wall as to go all the height of the window/door, and I set the upper wall to complete the face of the building.

Robert method works I am sure but involves lot more work, it results in reshaping the wall and not taking advantage of the smart wall tool.

Does anybody can tell me how to set the mutins in a door transom better than imperial/cottage style... (that was my second issue, cf. 3 rd picture, first message above.)


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Does anybody can tell me how to set the mutins in a door transom better than imperial/cottage style... (that was my second issue, cf. 3 rd picture, first message above.)

Olly - Unfortunately, the type of control you are looking for does not exist in the door or window tool at this point. My suggestion to you would be to create the symbol with no muntins, then use the mullion tool, configure it to the size muntin bar that you desire and then place it in line with the transom that you have drawn. This process will get you what you are looking for.

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