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site modifiers not in "objects from polyline" menu

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The manual says that (in Architect or Landmark) I can modify my site model with a polyline by selecting the Objects from Polyline command and I will then find it in the list. All options are present except the site modifiers.

Why would site modifiers not be listed and how can I install it? Or is this a known glitch? I have deleted menu and re-entered it into my custom workspace and site modifiers is also not present in the menu that lies within the standard arcitect workspace .

Or does anyone know how to otherwise convert 2D objects into site modifiers? This could be a bit easier than the site modifier tool in some cases.

Thanks, Bradley

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Not seeing this here. When I SELECT OBJECT(poly) then go to MODIFY>OBJECTS FROM POLYLINE there is a list of object types, including SITE MODIFIERS.

As an alternative you can use the little bulldozer tool (in the Site Planning tool set). You could even use it to TRACE over a previously created poly if you want.

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Thanks Peter. Good to know that it IS out there. But it is missing here. Just looking for a bit of convenience that is missing and how I can get it back. Somehow maybe suck it out of 12.0.1 and reinsert into a file in 12.5.1? Don't know why it is missing (in all workspaces). Anyone?

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Thanks, Jonathan. I figured that might be next but I find the site modifiers are not in my 12.0.1 VW either. So is it that I somehow corrupted my 12.0.1 and the 12.5.1 upgrade cannibalizes those items? Or it just failed to install that item twice?

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I do find "site modifiers.vso" in my plugins folder.

By the way, I use to be able to edit my posts but can't seem to figure it out these days. Any clues here?

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Robert, I have filled out the bugsubmit form and even sent a file but not sure of the benefit as the issue is not file specific.

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This is curious. The objects that can be created from a polyline are defined in the command doing it.

This obscure statement means that the names of PI-objects that can be created are explicitly expressed, ie. there is a list of objects the command can handle. The list can be edited by the user, but the process is so arcane that no-one in their right minds would do it.

I find it very hard to believe that a PI-command could get corrupted in such a way that one of the objects would disappear.

Staying tuned for the next exciting episode...

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Well here is the next not-so-exciting yet curiously frustrating episode:

IT'S A BUG.......apparently for those who only have the stand-alone Architect license.

It seems odd that this got by the programmers initially and that, apparently, I am the first user to notice.

I fear a program fix will have to wait until I pay for VW 13.

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You don't have to wait for a new version; you can fix this problem today. You just need to add a string to the "user-defined path objects" list that is part of the Objects from Polyline command. Here's how:

1.Open the VectorScript Plugin Editor on the Tools:Scripts submenu. Scroll to "Objects from Poly".

2.Click the Strings... button. A dialog will appear with four groups of strings to select from. Select the fourth, number 6000, "User defined path objects".

3.A new list dialog will appear (see image):

udposcreen2dp0.th.png" border="0"

Enter in string 6001 the number 1. Click the Add... button and add the string "Site Modifier:Site Modifiers", no quotes (actually you can put whatever you want to call it before the colon but this is what will show up in the pulldown list of the Objects from Poly... command.

4.Click OKs to exit and you're done.

Now you should see a new entry in your pulldown list that will insert a site modifier object.

Sorry for the bug.

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Now THAT'S an exciting episode!!

I now have the functionality.

Wish I had the time to learn scripting............

Didn't need the links. Thank you Doctor Robert.

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thanks for this addition.

the bulldozer tool seems to have a dodgy

snapping capability + this makes it much

more accurate.

as an aside, how close should pads

representing different flat levels

be apart from each other in plan?

if i use the bulldozer + snap to

adjacent pads <ie my pads touch

each other in plan / vertical edges>

i get weird DTM results, but if i

reduce the pads so that they are

about 50mm-100mm apart the results

are more as i would expect...

can the DTM not do vertical edges?

thanks again

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The DTM does not do "strict" vertical edges. But they can be as little as 1 mm apart. (i.e., any offset, no matter how small, suffices.)

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thanks for confirming that,

i thought i wasn't defining something

properly in the DTM process...

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