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Started at one scale, need it at another.

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Again, sorry for the newbie post. I've pretty much just jumped into working with VW 12.5, and have learned along the way. This is also my first CAD program to work with, although I've worked with 3D programs for a while. In 3D you don't work in scale, so this issue has thrown me a bit.

In setting up my document, I was going by the square on the blank page, changing the scale (on the design layer) until the boundaries of my intended design fit in the square. I didn't realize that the rulers were changing at the same time, so I designed something to what I thought were the actual measurements(1/1). Then when I remembered I had originally set the design layer to 1/6 scale, I realized that everything was now 6 times larger than it should be.

In reading a couple other posts, I think what I should have done was to design it at 1/1, and use a viewport to scale it to fit the paper. Is that right?

How do I get the design to 1/1 scale, now that it's designed at 1/6?

Thanks for your help, and I realize this is probably an easy thing to do, but I would like to know for sure the correct way before I proceed.

Thanks for your help,


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Changing the layer scale or viewport scale does not change the physical size/shape of objects in the drawing. It simply changes the relationship of the object size to what is displayed on the drawing.

If you draw a cube 1"x1"x1", the size remains the same no matter what the layer scale is set to.

The cube itself will appear larger or smaller on the SCREEN and PAPER as the layer scale changes, but the size is the same.

The rulers will adjust accordingly as the scale is changed.

You can draft/design at 1:1 and use viewports to scale.

However, there are some objects that chage when scaled.

It's a good rule of thumb to pick a general drawing scale when drafting at first. It can always be changed later...

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Thanks, Katie. So, since I drew the object measing 45"(x) by 42"(y) on a layer that was set to 1/6 scale, the object is still 45" x 42", even if I change the scale of the layer?

So does scale only come into play as a visual? That is, the only thing that's scaled is the 'paper', correct?

I'll get this!!!!

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I like to look at it as: the designated scale of the design layer or viewport is the scale at which they print. Therefore, if printed scale is important, you can see how your drawing will fit on a given sheet size at a given scale. Otherwise it doesn't seem to be too important at which scale one draws in.

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