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Pattern Fills


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The pattern fill used for solid insulation (small squares)shows on screen ok, but when printed it comes out almost solid grey. Th pattern is now almost invisible! is there any means of changing this so it prints as on screen.

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The FILL PATTERNS (at least on the Mac OS) are a part of the OS. They have been around since... forever. Most of them will appear more or less accurate if placed and viewed in a 1/8" = 1' scale drawing. Perhaps someone with more historical programming knowledge can explain the "why" a bit better.

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Just curious.....what are patterns for if "what you see is *not* what you get?"

This does happen. Some printer drivers interpret OS-level patterns in an intelligent manner, so they are not WYSIWYG. For better or worse.

In the Good Old Days, MiniCAD had larger patterns (16 x 16 at least. Did we have 32 x 32?) which one was able to define in each file with ResEdit.

Can we have those back? I found them very useful. The user interface could be better, especially considering the fact that the good old Jack In The Box has retired.

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