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Detailing: Beams need Preferences

Don@Black Dog


I have a roof object with a shed at 90 degrees to a gable, made with the roof object tool. The shed portion will not frame automatically, so I use the beam detailing tool.

This tool has no Prefernces button, as do most tools (see JOIST in the same Tool Set) and could really use one so we can set the preferences BEFORE setting the beam/rafter/joist.

Also, the pitch should accept rise/run as well as degrees.


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I think I'll follow the lead of the talented Mr. Anderson and steal your "raw ideas" for the next reiteration of my beam object...

Or maybe not. In my world, if a beam (or rafter or whatever) is not horizontal, then there are z-levels determined elsewhere. However, it seems that you have a very good point - which I can't (I think) accommodate without making the easy-to-use beam Bloatware. Alternative methods of data input are a killer... and that's how one thinks!

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