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Graphics Hell - Possible Software Error?

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Hi there,

Ive just purchased VectorWorks 12.5 having been very impressed with it after a friend showed me.

I was using AutoCAD for a while before that and obviously for the most part, its a pleasant transition to VW.

I have VectorWorks Designer 12.5 and Im running it on a Mac, Intel Processor, 2Ghz, 1G RAM.

Since installing it, the graphics display horribly, almost to the point it is impossible to work with. When you zoom in our out, or scroll around, drawing blur as if they are a low resolution, and lines start to appear invisible. It only seems to be a problem in Plan and Viewport Views, 3D and Rendered views are fine.

Ive seen some posts regarding this and people are suggesting its due to VW being slow to update the screen, however Im not so sure this is the case as I fail to see how say a 2 story house full of textures can be rendered in 3D in next to no time, however the plan view which could be as simple as a single rectangle of wall lines takes forever to appear correctly.

Also, it never adjusts itself, it just stays as it looks until you zoom out/in until it appears correctly, which is usually in an inconvenient position to continue working on.

I have tried reinstalling and to no avail. I really hope there is a solution to this as I have a workload like everyone else and I would much rather do it in VW, otherwise I will have to go back to AutoCAD.



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That has to be the funniest thing I think I've ever read you post, Petri. I picture this slug slumped in an office chair with spiney arms reaching for this oversized mouse.

(Although, I'm sure you are no slug!)

Okay - it's late, and I've had a long day. The images in mind are silly at times, too.

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Considering your position, I'm suprised you haven't heard this modest corollary to Petri's Law of Slowness. I heard it from a friend of mine who does IT support.

95% of IT problems occur between the keyboard and the chair.

I know I'm guilty as charged.... well, maybe 92%.

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