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'sides' on a DTM

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Step 1: Generate a Digital Terrain Model with the hull check box selected.

Step 2: Create a new layer and move the DTM hull to this layer and convert it to 3D Polygons.(note use the convert to 3D polys command found under the model menu)

Step 3: Use the 3D polys to 3D loci command under the DTM pull down menu and select the checkbox delete 3D polys.

Step 4: Copy 3D loci and perform a paste in place on the 3D DTM layer.

Step 5: Then perform the command float 3D objects.

Step 6: Repeat the paste in place command again.

Step 7: Place the DTM in a 3D view and use the 3D polygon tool to draw the skirt of the DTM by connecting the 3D loci points.

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