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Keying Drawings


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Thanks for your response, Katie, but my question is one of keying, as in indicating where to find drawings from within the set of drawings. For example, a detail sheet with 12 details on A-7, all keyed from other locations, such as the plans, cross section and elevations. A new sheet is added so that A-7 becomes A-8. Is there any way for all of the keying throughout the set to be updated without going through the entire set looking for every place a detail is keyed ('detail marker') and manually changing the A-7 to A-8? I think ArchiCAD does this very easily? Thanks! -Will

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I get the sense that you are asking if changes in sheet numbers can be automatically updated in the referencing markers.

Would this be your example: You have a detail sheet D2 and, in time, you change it to D3. Thoughout your drawing you have detail reference markers which are all keyed into D2 and you want them to automatically change to D3 to reflect the change in the detail sheet number?

I am not aware of this function. It would be wonderful if it exists.

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Yes, that is the question. Whether it be details or any other type of drawing, such as a section or interior elevation, etc. And, ideally, not just if sheet numbers are changed, but also if drawings are relocated to new sheets. Or if a new drawing (such as a detail) is added to a sheet, all subsequent drawings on that sheet renumber automatically, and in turn their reference markers throughout the set also update.

It seems it should be pretty easy for the software to:

1.) Determine the sequential location of a drawing on a sheet, even after it's moved;

2.) Know the number of the Sheet that it's on, even after it's moved to a new sheet or the sheet's number is changed;

3.) Always remain linked to all of the reference markers through out the set that identify where such drawing can be found (this link being either user defined or automatically determined upon drawing creation).

Re-keying the drawings every time a set is issued, and usually at the last minute, seems an unfortunate thing to have to do. And I seem to ALWAYS miss some of the keying!

Anyway, thanks; I'll try and come up with a system...

Is there any way to get symbols to automatically re-size based on the scale of their viewport?...

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This 'keying' issue has been kicked around for decades !

So far there's been no satisfactory low-end solution. For example what happens when the FilePath gets corrupted or broken ...

Is each file expected to carry with it a list of every symbol, key, note, layer & class instance for every project ever created?

What happens when a file is opened from an external source. Does that file's list need to be imported, too ?

The most reasonable solution is an expanded Object reference set via WGR using linked Instance ID# with typical NameString protocols.

Is there any way to get symbols to automatically re-size based on the scale of their viewport?...

The VP sheet is always 1:1... whereas, the VP >Scale determines the Symbol scale.

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Islandmon: I'm not sure I followed all of your points regarding keying; couldn't it all be done within and specific to one file? As Pete has confirmed, ArchiCAD does it. In the meantime, I've just developed a simple (I think - it's still in beta testing!...) system using symbols... For each drawing I make a symbol out of it's bubble (number over sheet). Wherever I refer to that drawing in the set (detail cut, sectioin marker, notes even, etc.) I just use that drawing's symbol. If I change the number and/or sheet of the drawing, I update the symbol accordingly, and all of its instances throughout the set reflect the drawing's new designation.

One drawback is that all of my bubbles need to be placed on the sheet layer (at 1:1) and they all need to be the same size, as evidently symbols can not be scaled individually. Thus my previous question about resizing symbols. Things such as Text and, for example, electrical outlets, automatically re-size so that they always print at the same size, regardless of the scale of their viewport. Maybe the answer to accomplishing this is in the procedure for creating PIOs?

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Small world,

I attempted the same exact thing as you've described.Did all of the above, and stopped at the scaling issue. wasted time.

I'm sure someone with the programing Knowledge could do this easily.

If they can make the Section viewports Know what viewport they're in,then why not have a dynamic link with the data in a Section/ Elevation marker(or any marker w/data) & a Drawing label on your sheet layer. Also, The Drawing label Would Know where it is (Sheet name).(I Number my sheets as the first part of the name).

I do love the way the Drawing label has 'Scale Label' option to Automatically pick up the scale of the view port its in.

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Er, maybe Nemetschek is that "someone with the programming Knowledge" to accomplish this? Given everything that the software is capable of, it's hard to imagine that this would be terribly difficult to accomplish. And with the impressive array of functions they've actually thought of and included, this inability is really a bit of a surprise. Maybe with the next round...

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