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angular dimension arrowheads

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Are these arrowheads on dimensions you've added, or on imported dwg dimensions?

What dim style are you using? (Select a dimension and report what is next to "Dim Style" in the Obj Info Palette"

What's the layer scale you are working on?

What version of VW are you using?

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ah, bliss! OK, so now I can create a dim style and make the arrow heads on my angular dims look as small as I want them (like 1.0mm - when I said they were huge, I'm trying to annotate angles of about 1?, which means any normal sized opaque arrow covers up important bits of drawing).

So this is a document specific thing then? If I want to use it in all of my drawings do I have to import it into every single one or is there an easy route?

Thanks for your help.

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Yes, dimension styles (and hatch patterns and dash styles) are stored in each drawing file. To make sure those things are in every new drawing file, put them in the template file that you use to start new drawings.

To get them into an existing drawing, you could keep a file that has sample objects of each dimension style (and hatch pattern and dash style), and Copy-Paste them into the drawing and then delete them. They bring the style definitions in with them, and those stay after the objects are deleted. That may be the easiest way if you want to update all your existing drawings at once, since you can just Copy once, then Paste and Save in each drawing file.

Or you could use the "import" button in the same window that edits dimension styles (and hatch and dash styles).

Or you could use the Resource Browser, but I don't know much about that.

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