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New error messages before "The Corruption"

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I just received two messages which led up to the final error that says you must save to another location.

The first error message ... Failure on attempt to set file position

After checking the OK I got the second error message ... Disk I/O Error (Failure on attempt to write to file)

After checking the OK I then got the final error to save to another location.

I saved to my external drive with no success and then copied to the external drive (this method has been successful in the past, even to the local drive) with no success. I then saved to a flash drive with no success.

Before using my last attempt at (Save Copy) I decided to save and close two other VectorWorks files. I also quit other applications (Acrobat, System Prefs and Internet Connect). I removed a CD that I had just inserted when all this started.

I then save copy to my flash drive and it worked saving me once again from repeating all my previous work.

Maybe these new clues might help someone to figure this out. My nerves are wearing thin.

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