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importing DWGs w/ xrefs

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I'm having a problem importing a DWG file that has an xref. When I try to import the file (using default settings), VW freezes and I have to force quit. I then changed the name of the xref and tried importing again. VW comes up with an error, saying it cannot find the xref, then it imports the rest of the info. I can import the 2 files separately without problems.

I am using a newer PC with a duel processor and plenty of memory, and the latest VW version.

Thank you


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I doubt that the ACAD version makes much difference. From my experience, ACAD with x-ref files will NOT import. Minimally, the ACAD user must explode (several times) and bind the x-refed files before you import.

Importantly, any work done in the ACAD sheet/paperspace files will NOT be imported to scale in VW in a way that can be easily used.

The way ACAD is now being used (with a significant amount of work being done in paperspace, if only text AND dimensioning), importing into VW is not practical (or possible).

Not meaning to be cynical or negative, but suggestive, VW should/must address this issue, or be resigned to the marketing of an entirely independent platform, meaning: bury the competition (not likely).

It's tough, but VW is better.

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The complexity of AutoCAK files sometimes amazes me. I had a file this week that took me 3 hours to get into VW. Julian over here in Oz did his best. In the end a friend with AutoCAK 2006 helped me out and away I went. It is an issue that must be addressed somehow. I wonder if sometimes we are expecting too much as it seems VW and AutoCAK do some things very differently. Must be hard for the VW Engineers to stay on top of it but it seems they are always trying.

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Must be hard for the VW Engineers to stay on top of it but it seems they are always trying

Suspect that it's a 24/7 commitment from NNA with very little direct payback to the bottomline ...

what's required is a CAD consortium similar to IEEE setting the standards all CAD apps must follow for data Translation/Import/Export.

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Erich -

There is definitely different behavior when batch importing files w/ xref's across different AutoCAD files, especially if there are circular xref's in the files.

I've found that the newer the file, the better the chances of successful batch imports.

The older versions do not have the advantageous technology options in the file structure itself. The older versions are less stable at handling xref's than newer formats.

I haven't found too many situations where importing files, single or batch, is just not possible.

It may be more a matter of the AutoCAD user needs a little more information on drafting practices. It may be that a little tweaking with the import process by the VW user is needed.

If you want, I can take a look at a set of dwg files for you and give you some feedback on how to improve the process. I do this regularly with much success.

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what's required is a CAD consortium similar to IEEE setting the standards all CAD apps must follow for data Translation/Import/Export.

Exactly - what amount of time is wasted because of import / export issues. Makes you wonder - what does Autodesk do to provide info to other software manufacturers? Do they abide by any standards; how does that all work. I am not being critical of them - does anyone know?

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The architect is using ACAD version 2007 and we were unable to import these files. I believe what he sent us next were 2006 files.

I don't believe there was any circular xrefs though I'm not entirely sure of the meaning. When I changed the names of the xrefs and tried to import, it only came up with one error (one unknown xref).

To batch import, do I just select more than one file to import?

Thank you

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To batch import, use "Import Dxf/dwg" and use the Entire Folder option. Locate the folder with all the files in it, and continue.

Use "Import Single DXF/DWG" when you have a single file to import.

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ErichR, I have had many ACAD drawings import with the paperspace working perfectly. Recently I had one series of ACAD drawings with the .ctb file included and all pages in order in paper space. The line weights were perfect, this was the first ACAD drawings I didn't have to do anything to prior to printing.

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Yes, I understand the way it works.

You said:

Ray, but, do these ACAD drawings have any work done in Paperspace directly? Dimensioning? Text?

I said:

Yes, title block symbol, text and drawing labels.

You said:

And you're sure these aren't x-refs?

Leading me to believe you were asking if there were x-ref in the paper space.

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