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It seems very unlikely the VPs are self-destructing. I would work through these steps:

1) Check to verify all classes are on while viewing the sheet layer in question. (I know you've already checked this, but I'm making a list.) When a viewport is created, it defaults to the active class. I generally create viewports from the design layer, so a new VP starts out with the design's active class.

2) Check to make sure the VP's classes are properly activated. Can you select the "missing" VP using the marquee tool? If so, perhaps the design elements' class(es) aren't turned on in the VP settings.

3) Are VP's not working on only one sheet? Try creating a replacement sheet.

4) VP's are unreliable throughout the file. If so, I'd strongly suspect a corrupted file, or possibly a corrupted installation of VW.

4a) Quit VW, restart your system. Create a blank file. Draw a few objects on a design layer and create VPs on a sheet layer. Do they work properly? Quit and relaunch VW. Open the test file. Are the VPs reliable? If not, un- and then re-install VW.

4b) With or without a reinstall of VW, you'd probably do well to start a completely new file and Work Group Reference in the design layers of the erratic file. This will bring most of your work forward, including whatever classes, symbols, etc. that were utilized in the original. Then, break the link (in the WGR window), making certain to keep all objects. Now you can proceed in the new file with (hopefully) stable VP's.

Good luck,

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