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*.3DS files and VectorWorks


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hey, i posted this in the Architect forum and was told to ask here [smile] So here goes...

I went and downloaded some 3D thingies to decorate my built environment (plants, a piano, blah blah blah) and they are in the file format *.3ds (3D symbol I suppose?)

well my question is, is this filetype compatible with VectorWorks and if so can I import it as...i don't know...as, whatever, just so I can use it ? i've given a few things a go, the simple and obvious things, but VW just says it's an unsupported filetype.

And suggestions? It's not a huge deal but it would be nice if I could use them. Thanks!


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Originally posted by BiplabNNA:

VectorWorks 10.0 supports IGES import. Right now this is the only way you can transfer data from other packages for interesting shapes.

HI. sorry but i said already in another post. I did a very complicate 3D drawing. ( i can send you the movie i did in VW). then i realize i couldn't export the yacht to another program without a hearth attack. the iges export did their job? horrible. not to mention the problems i had with the textures as i realize i should do the job in VW (cause the nearly impossibility to export the yacht as iges in good shape and without lost)

the animation set of VW is minimal.

Frequently crash related to textures, which ends in geometry deformations of the nurbs.

I did it because i work with VW (minicad since version 4, so i know it good. but i should come here to advice from the first time as the problems were too big and the bugs so obvious.

Then i step a moment and look around. What i saw?. well, that VW slowly fall behind the others. And the worst. i don't notice a really improvement. All the niceties are not so at all. Doors and Windows plug-ins are so clumsy. take a look at ArchiCad. i can resize a Door in real time, no matters, and i can fast change the geometry too. and it feels good. no as VW.

IFC?. Acis Solids?. I receive a lot of DWG with ACIS-Solids embedded, so i should to buy another program just to take it over in VW.

I hope version 11 will be in the right track. if not i should to jump in another wagon. and i don't like to do that. (asides the money it would cost).

regards and sorry for the english.


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