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Save Rotated Views?


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So is there a way to save different rotated views in VW?

If I have a building that has several different non-90 degree angles in plan it would be easier to work on the different parts if I could save the views rotated to be orthogonal on my screen.

(AutoCad handles this with the UCS function)

I am sure there is a nifty way to deal with this in VW but I haven't been able to find anything so far.

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you can use layer links to setup the rotated plan, and save those as preset views. these could be for working only, or working and printing. using these layer link layers and viewports will get you to the print views. both options are quite versatile and powerful, and avoid messy grid rotations...

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In lieu of UCS... I have used the Alternate Coordinate System in the Angle Snaps dialog box to manually set a desired angle. That way that particular angle will keep showing up while drawing. Another way is to make your non 90 degree spaces orthogonal and convert them into a symbol.Once a symbol, rotate them to the desired angle. That way, you will always edit them orthogonally. This has worked well for site planning for myself, but may not work well for interiors.

hope this helps.

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Thanks Christiaan. Usually I do a search before posting--missed it this time.

For the current problem we are having in the office the linked layers is working okay but I have to agree with everyone that rotated views is a really important feature for VW to have.

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