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.sta file (class properties at startup)


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We are developing a CAD standard at our firm and would like to set up our office template such that when a project is started and one runs the 'create standard viewports' command the classes would be created with our preferred colors, weights, fills, etc.

It seems that Vectorworks pulls this information from the .sta (standards) files such as the AIA layer list. Is there a way to make a custom version that can be referenced for our own preferences? Or is there another way to make this possible?

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1. Make a file containing all wished for class attributes.

2. Save it as standard. (.sta)

3. Make one or more files containing layer, units, whatever settings.

4. Add a workgroup reference pointing to the previously defined classes .sta file. Set "Update Reference" to "Automatically during open". Check "Update class definitions" to on.

5. Save it/them as template (also .sta).

Now whenever you update your classes file, the changes will be automatically loaden by every template file. Because on loading they check for it.


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