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Windows Vista

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We've done extensive testing using Vista. For the most part, the issues are cosmetic only. Some people have reported sluggishness and others say everything is faster.

The slower machines running Vista, for the most part, have older hardware in the computer (more than 1 year old).

A number of business and computer experts have advised to make sure you have brand new hardware with the latest technologies to take advantage of Vista.

One of the columnists in Business Week magazine spent each of his January columns discussing the pros and cons of Vista and how to maximize Vista. If you can find it, you may want to read his articles. They are very informative.

I personally, not as a NNA rep, would wait to update to Vista until more drivers are available and MS has worked out a number of the known issues. (This is more from an OS standpoint than from a VW standpoint - if the OS itself has problems or is slow, any application is going to inherit those issues)

Right now, a good portion of video drivers and printer drivers are not supported using Vista.

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It's supported. I've read some of the articles about Open GL running slower in CAD programs, too. However, I think that's more of a behind the scenes thing than what VectorWorks uses it for.

Open GL can be part of a video card. If the card does not have a supported driver in Vista, or is relatively considered an old card in technology terms, it would make sense that open gl related operations would be slow.

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I have also been reach by reports like mentioned here. It seems as Windows Vista is not well designed for Cad and other modeling programs. I can?t figure out why so much resources are taken by the Vista OS itself. For me it?s more intresting to have the resources left for my programs like VectorWorks. I would really like to see VW for Linux very soon! Then one could choose how much resources are consumed by the OS by choosing a light version or a more heavy one like Kubuntu. And yes, you can get that transparent aero look and more, but with much more resources left for your prefered programs like VW....

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