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Roof face object data

Daryl Wood

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The roof face doesn't create a record. Or creates one that is VERY hidden, I never saw it. You can access it only by type: "=DATABASE(ST=ROOFFACE)". The type is SLAB, subtype ROOFFACE.

Then, to my knowledge, you must check the values displayed in the OIP by math using angle, coordinates and the surface. Not very comfortable.

It is much easier to set up a vectorscript to load the values of the roof face in a worksheet. VectorScript has access to the roof face's object selectors. Give a look to the VectorScript Guide, Appendix G: roofs, columns, floors.



The examples available for creating worksheets with VS are not many. Let me know if you need one.

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Thanks Vsd for the reply. It looks like the short answer is, unless you want to mess with VScript, you cannot access the data fields of a roof object within a worksheet.

I am one that believes any software that bills itself as a BIM application, will need to allow simple access to all the drawing data in order to build simple custom solutions in order to make BIM really work...I'll keep hoping VW gets there in the future.

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Well, BIM was never meant to be easy...

You believe worksheets are easy and VectorScript requires "messing with". True to a point, but realistically there can't be everything for everyone straight out of the box. At this price at least.

Having said that, I have already opined that all VS query functions should be available in worksheets. Whether those include all imaginable ways to measure everything, I can't say. In my recent generic quantification system I needed several hundreds of lines of code and that does not include all roof face measurements.

Anyway, I'll join you in your hoping! There should be more functionality with less effort.

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