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VW12.5: Custom Control Line Mode of Walls


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I am drawing a floor plan of an existing building. My measurements are to the finished surfaces, face of drywall to face of drywall.

I don't want to use wall components. I only want a simple stud wall that is 3.5 inches wide.

I am trying to get the control line to offset my stud wall by the thickness of the drywall. This way I can draw to my measurements and have the wall studs offset by the thickness of the drywall.

The problem is that VW will not allow this. It is only allowing the offset to be within the wall and not outside the wall.

Is there a solution here?

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My reluctance to using wall components is that my experience is VW dimensioning to the outside of the wall. I do not want to dimension to drywall or plaster. I wish to dimension to face of stud which is of course convention.

Is there a way to get VW to dimension to studs, or do I need to manually place all dimensions?

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