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Wall line showing through door


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I run into this too. I tried to create an arched opening in a wall. I made the jamb thickness .01 to eliminate it. In rendering. there is a thin strip of wall along the bottom of the opening.

Not a problem if the wall is inside where there is a floor. In this case the opening is outside where there is no floor, thus the wall ribbon shows.

Peter is this what you are referring to?

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Got the same problem

MikeOZ says it is a bug and hopefully NNA will adress it. As you say if you have a floor yo can make the door a bit heigher and let the "Z" fit deeper into the floor but with no floor it is a big problem. Maybe NNA can rectify this for us in V12.5.2

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Clb - not a bug. Just a reality of how VW forms openings in walls when they are in contact with any edge of the wall. And yes I do hope that NNA will change this in the future so that openings can notch into the wall in these situations. It seems to me that it is this edge condition limitation which prevents us from having corner windows and windows which extend more than one storey.

The perimeter line across the bottom of openings is annoying. To get rid of it you have to make your wall extend down past the top of the floor and make your doors go partially into the floor. Visually it now looks okay, but the door is not drawn correctly - its head is now lower than it should be. If you make the door slightly taller to compensate for this the door is no longer the correct size.

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