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Import Hatches? or where do hatches live . . .


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I have found a couple of good hatches that I would like to add to my default hatches in VW.

I know there is a hatches folder with some files--I guess I don't understand how what is in that folder relates to what is in the attributes palette.

How do I add more hatches to the list that shows up in the attributes palette?

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In order to see the hatches in a file, you have to import the hatches from the Resource Browser to your document.

You can do this two ways:

1. Right click on the hatch in the Resource Browser and select "import"

2. Drag and drop the hatch over an object in the drawing.

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I don't think you are understanding the question. 'eas' wants to have default hatches at her disposition in all files, not on a per file basis. that what she means by 'my system'.

Bruce, I was enthusiastic about your answer but somehow it's not working for me here after having imported all these hatches that i wanted to make part of my defaults into the file you mentioned. They are clearly in the Default file, and the preference is clearly clicked, but I don't see all the hatches in the rest of my files. Am I missing something?

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Got it--with some help.

I was mislead by the Hatches folder in the Libraries folder and missed the more important Defaults folder.

So I have learned a valuable lesson--read other people's posts carefully!

(Rhetorical question only, I don't really want to know, but what the heck is that other Hatches folder for? Obfuscation?)

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