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Dual Screen Capibilty

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Is it possible in Vectorworks (any version, but mainly 12) to open up a set of drawings spreed accross 2 screens, so it is possible to have one drawing open on 1 screen and another on the other screen. This would be a handy feature if it is not already possible. We have ended up sretching Vectorworks across both screens to allow us to achive this.

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we are Mac based and i use dual monitors. i have a 20" cinema display attached to my 15" powerbook g4. using multiple windows is possible, and quite useful. you need to make sure, though, that your video card is compatable with the slave monitor. in my case, moving a VW window onto the cinema display causes the screen to regen very slowly, making my whole system very sluggish. good luck

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so it is possible to have one drawing open on 1 screen and another on the other screen.

If you're talking about two separate files on each screen, then yes you can. But if you mean a viewport on one screen and its design layer on the other from the same file, the answer is no. It sure would be nice if you could, though.

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I just came up with a new configuration for my second monitor. Made a stand to raise the second monitor so it's over my Macbook screen. Now everything is right in front of me. I have all the menus on the smaller Macbook monitor and use the entire 19" for the drawing. Also makes them seem more connected as far as going back and forth. So far I really like it.

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