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Rounding formula

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I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay...

Rounding to the next higher arbitrary number (eg. lumberyard lengths) is an interesting junior high-school mathematical exercise. Rounding upwards in a set measurement scheme much less so. Just add a unit and round down.

Or, in Daryl's case, if the remainder of the modulus is less than half the unit, then add etc. but then you don't get lumberyard lengths.

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Peter, yes, in part. I would like a list of joists rounded up to the nearest whole foot because rounding down is a bad thing. By rounding up I would have a framing schedule that tells carpenters to go to the material stack and get 8- 35' joists, not 8- 34'3 3/8" joists. The lumber yard will cut up to the next higher foot.

This function would be used for other members as well.

I sometimes have say 6 joists in a framed bay area where a couple of them lie in the 45 degree angles. I want to have all of them ID'd the same and with the length be rounded up to the nearest whole foot.

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