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I think just install it as you would any other program.

It appears you can direct the things you want into any folder - Select the Hatch Target Tab to the left, Manual Select at the top, Add New Application and direct the software to the folder of your choice it seems.

Read the manual maybe.

I only found it because I needed some Stone Hatches and that is all I have used it for - just thought it may be handy for others!!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Kevin, the VectorWorks hatches are available in StoneCAD as MCD files. You don't say if you are on a Mac or a PC, I'm on a Mac and find the StoneCAD application (which is a Macromedia Director app) somewhat confusing (as it doesn't follow strict Mac-style UI guidelines). However, you can use it to preview the hatches that you want and try to install them. If you are not successful in getting StoneCAD to install your hatches in your default hatches folder, you can navigate to the StoneCad/Application/resources/assets/hatch/vectorworks/ folder and find all the MCD files there, each with a hatch.


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I have used them a great deal. My experience is that the hatches use a lot of memory and can really slow down a drawing. We used them on a new construction project and on my partner's G5 it took forever just to change zoom levels. We liked the results so much we put up with it, but I had to turn off the hatches until the end. He has 3 Gb of memory on his box.

The textures work fine with little or no pain (except when rendering, but that is normal).


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