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Fine Detail not showing with RW


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Below I have a rendered structure that is giving me some trouble in getting the window grids to render properly. some of the window are custom 3D symbols and some are PIO's. Not to matter though as I have done jobs previously in 12.5.1 that have worked without fail. If anyone out there has a tip or sees something that I have missed maybe my color combo is doing it...I really don't know. I've tried every combination of FQRW and CURW that I possible do plus using different HDRI backgrounds to see if anything will work short of just going through all the windows and increasing the width of the window grid bars....don't want to do that.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


Pete A

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Occurs at all angles...except when I change from clear glass to a solid...it works better. I've changed angles, sun position, light intensity (ambient), light angle, different backgrounds. Using final quality RW at high quality mode. I even changed my screen resolution to 2048 x 1536 thinking maybe more pixels will give greater detial with the small stuff....

Stumped....changed glass properties.. doesn't help. I'm going to start with different HDRI's and get away from the black background.


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Thanks for responding.

No...I rendered the image full screen based on camera settings, light and resolution just like the previous house I did...

I went back to the last job I rendered and re-rendered it with the same settings... here is the result.


And here is the latest project with setting copied and pasted from the last job.


The only difference is the glass...but I have been checking that and found that is does not matter. I did notice, maybe because of the color diff between the two houses that the grids on each have some differences in the shading. I'm looking for a higher quality rendering and I hope that doesn't mean spending thousands of dollers on a dedicated rendering program.

Tell me it's not so.

Pete A.

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I'm not sure this will work, but it may be worth trying.

Make the glass component invisible (by class selection, say.) Then prepare simple extruded shapes to represent the glass in the rendering (textured properly) and place them BEHIND the windows a small distance: say, 4-6 inches. Or perhaps just behind the muntins, rather.

I wonder if this would provide the right amount of muntin definition you need.

Dan J.

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I don't know if this is relevant in this case, and I think its adding to what EJ has suggested, but for reflective surfaces to work they need something to reflect. Windows, glass, chrome will only show their reflective quality but what it reflects.

If the areas around your model goes off into black darkness all around you'll get nothing reflecting in the windows and they'll appear black, the same with chrome.

As EJ has described setting "reflective" planes outside the camera view will give you "life" in your windows.

Think of it a bit like you see photographs using white sheets, boards etc. to reflect light back onto a subject, only your doing it with an image.

Failing that I suppose you could always place a sky texture or some sort of landscape scene over all your window material and turn up its reflective quality to show "glasseness".

I have to admit, that is an assumtion on my part based on using other render programs as I don't use Renderworks.

What's happening on the roof texture by the way, like strange blotchy shadows or sooty stains ?


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First of all I


want to complain really really really loud on how


frustrating this forum is when you have to


write anything that takes longer than (continue)

12 seconds to compose...if you don't


constantly interupt your


composition during edit which leads

(continue) to incomplete and broken message ideas because


you have to constantly click


on that @$*& continue button



save your work otherwise it works pretty well in compounding your frustration when you are upset with the problems you trying to document in the firet place and can't get your thoughts out in less than 12 seconds.

Ok...I've vented.

Dave...Select this link and you will see first hand what I am trying to explain.

This is the picture you need to look at in TIF

Better do a right click and save as

Look at the window grids close up and you will see that there is not a problem with anti-aliasing...some are rendered white and some black as if they are a shadow.

Katie...I did what you reccomended and it only produced more pixels of the same result.

I clicked the submit button instead of the @*%$ continue button.

The splotchiness on the roof was caused by to high of a setting in the Dent Amplitude of the Cast Bump on the default shingle texture which is shown corrected in the rendered picture (link above)...

Sorry for my frustraded response...I hope ya'all found some humor in it!

Pete A

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I think Dave is correct. 150 dpi for that size of a model is not very detailed. If you zoom in on one of the windows and render a marquee selection at the same resolution the mullions should show.

BTW, I agree about the forum time outs, I compose my responces in a text editor and copy and paste into the forum.

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After much tweeking, manipulating and a 2-1/2 hour render to emf I thing I found what is necessary to get the fine detail with the grides.


It seems as though it takes a whole bunch of different settings all across VW from screen display to export options some of which really slow down screen refresh rates. Still after all this time I have not been able to figure out why in the previos drawings the grids were i/2 white and 1/2 black in the same line of pixels.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions as I tried each and every one of them with increasingly better results. The final result though came after I stripped all the lights, backgounds and preferences back to defaults and started to change them one by one to figure how each of them affected the model rendering.

Here is what I learned.

1.) Ray...you're right use a text editor for your sanity...I knew that, but I'm always in too much of a hurry to slow down. Thanks for the wake-up

2.) What you see on the screen isn't what you export so don't sweat the screen display all is not lost until the fat file exports.

3.) Have a lot of memory...a lot of memory. I ordered another Gig.

4.) I have a lot to learn.

It's too bad I can't fire myself for spending way too much time on figuring this out.

Pete A.

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