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right now everything works fine.

i connect using tcp/ip and it's good but could be a little faster.

i have DSL. so do i get a faster computer? or get cable and not dsl? does my screen size have something to do with it? what if i got a 23" monitor?

we just did a full morning of work were i was connected to the office using timbuktu and skype and it was pretty good. i just want to tweak it.

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I often work remotely. The number one thing is to have good internet speed. Usually internet configurations are fast on the download and slower on the upload which results in some lag of response. I am paying extra to get the same speed (at least 3 meg) up and down.

There is nothing else that I am aware of that one can do to increase functionability.

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I don't use Timbuktu, but I often log into the office server from home or the field using either VPN or Remote Desktop (each serve different purposes). The weak link in any remote connection is the internet connection. A couple of things we've learned. . .then you'll just have to ask more questions.

1) For extensive drawing, copy the file to your local hard drive and work on it there. Upload back to the office for printing (via Timbuktu or Remote Desktop) to office printers, or VPN in and print from your local application (much slower).

2) Alternatively, launch VW on an office computer (I actually launch a copy directly on the server when I'm logged in via Remote Desktop) and control it remotely. This will likely be a little slower than working from your own computer, but you're only asking the internet connection to update your screen. . .not transfer any other data. This option allows you access to all the server-stored files (incl Standards, Templates, etc.) that you would otherwise have to copy to your local computer. Since both Timbuktu and Remote Desktop support multiple users logged in simultaneously, this approach also allows collaborative review of drawings.

Perhaps that helps a little. More questions may lead to more answers.

Good luck,

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Both ends of an internet connection do not have to be the same speed, but the slow end controls. Like Thom, we have our office connection at something over 3mg, but I believe we have around 2mg (up, much faster downloading) at home. Since I can generally upload back to the server at my leisure (usually as I'm headed to bed), I don't worry too much about the remote upload speed.

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I don't think you'll notice a huge speed difference between DSL and Cable, if you are considering switching.

As others have suggested, whichever end is slower will determine the speed at which files are transferred.

There's not anything that VectorWorks itself does to speed or damper the process.

Unless you are working with HUGE files - I'm talking in the hundreds MB, the speed differences between DSL and Cable are not noticeable. Something faster, such as a shared T1 line may speed the process, but the cost may not be worth the time saved.

Depending on how many people are connected on the same cable string and how many people are running off the same DSL centeral, determines the transfer rate of both internet connections. The technical speeds of DSL and Cable are similar, but the number of people on the same connection can drastically change the transfer speeds.

I honestly don't think changing anything is going to make anything faster if all you are doing is opening/closing/saving/uploading files.

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I usually work with Remote Desktop so my laptop does not need to have the horsepower for me to be efficent. I have worked with speeds as slow as 256. (Allows for beer drinking in between commands). I agree with Travis, speeds can vary at both locations. We run a T3 at our office and T1 from home.

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thanks for all the input. now i can see how things work. i should provide some more clarification. i have VW at my home. the office wants to log into my home machine at the beginning of the day and stay connected until days end. they rarely control my computer, just observe. we stay in communication w/ skype all day. when the office is connected to my computer i notice that my computer seems to run a little slower. VW has a slight delay as well as opening other programs and files. could this be helped by a faster computer?

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More likely it would be helped by having dual/quad processors. OSX is smart enough to divide different work loads between processors. I/O (including TCP/IP) can be diverted to one processor while you're using another for VW (or whatever). I'd also strongly suggest at least 1gb of memory.


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Wow, can't believe some of you guys actually use VectorWorks via VNC over an internet connection.

I use Apple Remote Desktop to do some system admin stuff but couldnt't imagine working on VectorWorks (and we have an office upstream connection of 832Kbps).

In our office any remote work is done by downloading files from the office server and working on them locally, then reuploading them.

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Please don't misunderstand: there's no way I'd access a file over VNC running the VW app on a remote computer. I was just suggesting that one could launch a copy of VW remotely using Remote Desktop to control it. e.g. I somtimes need to revise and print a shop drawing at the office when I'm hundreds of miles away (usually meeting with the owner and architect on site!. . .ah, the advantages of design-as-you-build, especially when working for those with virtually unlimited budgets smirk.gif). I'll log into the Server with Remote Desktop, launch VW, make any revision and print. The hard copy then gets passed back to the Shop Super and work continues without waiting for me to get there physically.

At times, we'll also have two or three of us log into the same computer (each using Remote Desktop) and discuss on the phone an open drawing file. Any one of us can control VW (or any other software for that matter) to make revisions on the fly.

It's been a boon for us.

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I'd agree with Travis and Raymonds suggestion of increasing the ram.

The Mac Mini is a nice little machine, and please don't misunderstand me, is capabable of being used to do a lot of good basic work in VW but you are treading a line with regard to its capabilities using 512 mb of ram and it needs not to be overloaded with additional work to ensure you can use it well and not impact on your speed and use.

Lean and mean. Max out the ram if you can afford it, hopefully you can find a way to either do it yourself or at a reasonable cost from an Apple dealer. Don't ask to much of it and it will be good to you.

When you upgrade to another machine it'll make a great little computer for the home media setup, much nicer looking than any of the current offerings.


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