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Worksheets: formula for counting number of items

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=COUNT('Door Schedule'.'Type'='A')

It was just the equals sign I had in the wrong position. Don't need the single quotes around Type and A.

This formula probably works better (i.e. is more meaningful) in a single calculation cell rather than in a database row.

Ha, boy, sometimes I can make things difficult for myself! Thanks.

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I have a very strong recollection that especially single-cell formulae can use a cell reference quite well in the query.

Thus, =count('door schedule'.'type'=colrow) (colrow = eg A2) could work. If I'm right, you could just type "A" in cell A2 and the Tallyman would do the counting.

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Picking this back up - I'd like to filter Parking Spaces by size, ie: to separate out Standard from Compact (and possibly also by story).


Looking at the above, and tried:


=COUNT(IF((B3>=18), 1, 0))


which somehow yielded 9409. Perhaps the If function doesnt like feet and inches?


Long story short, the first pass would be a cell which displays Number of Spaces >= 18' x 8'-6" and a cell for Number of Spaces < 18' x 8'-6"




Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 2.04.46 PM.png

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