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Japanese characters prob in importing AutoCAD file


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Were the Japanese characters created by a system font or by an Autocad proprietary SHX font? If SHX, then VectorWorks would substitute a system font (Truetype or other font in Windows "Fonts" folder) when importing, and the substituted font might be one that doesn't include the Japanese unicode character set. So you would have to tell VectorWorks to substitute a different system font, and make sure it's a unicode font that does include the Japanese character set.

It's also possible that the font used to display the Japanese characters in Autocad was a non-unicode Japanese font. That would explain why you see letters and numbers in place of the Japanese characters. I think Autocad didn't support unicode until version 2007. If that's what is happening, and if it's a problem of substituting a system font for an SHX font, then you would have to substitute a non-unicode Japanese system font for the non-unicode Japanese SHX font, and hope that it uses the same code page as the original font. I think that's supposed to be one of the advantages of Unicode ? that it standardizes code pages for all fonts.

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I'm using the vectorworks 2008 reader to open and print a japanese vector works version 12 file...

I can read everything but the japanese characters are lost, because automatically converted in an arial font...

I even have installed the correct japanese fonts in my OS, and can use them in any program.

What can I do?

Thanks :)

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